AWHP Statement on USPSTF Final Breast Cancer Screening Guidelines

Tuesday, April 30, 2024 (Washington, DC) — The United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) today released its final breast cancer screening guidelines. Notably, the USPSTF now recommends that women at average risk for breast cancer begin screening at age 40, rather than the previous age of 50.

Millicent Gorham, CEO and Board Chair, Alliance for Women’s Health & Prevention: 

“As an organization focused on ensuring all women have access to affordable preventive care and screenings, AWHP commends the USPSTF on updating its guidelines to recommend regular mammography screening beginning at age 40–emphasizing the critical importance of early detection in preventing deaths due to breast cancer. This update is also an important step toward health equity, given that Black women have a more than 40% higher death rate due to breast cancer than white women.

However, AWHP is disappointed that the final guidelines do not recommend that women get screened annually. Annual screening has been demonstrated to be more effective than biennial screening, resulting in more cases of breast cancer detected and at earlier stages. Furthermore, AWHP is disappointed by the lack of recommendations for women with dense breasts, among whom mammography is less sensitive. By continuing to recommend biennial screening and not including additional recommendations for women with dense breasts, the USPSTF has missed an important opportunity to promote early detection and treatment.

AWHP is committed to advocating for accessible, affordable, and equitable guidelines that will prevent as many breast cancer deaths as possible. We will continue this effort by supporting legislative solutions that guarantee access to important diagnostic testing, such as the Find It Early Act. Finally, we encourage all women to prioritize their preventive health by consulting their healthcare providers and getting screened beginning at age 40. Together, we can ensure that all women have the tools and coverage they need to detect and treat breast cancer earlier.”


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