Access to preventive care is a significant unmet need experienced by far too many women and girls. The Alliance for Women’s Health and Prevention (AWHP) is a collaborative 501(c)(4) non-profit organization that seeks to remedy this issue by advancing policies to ensure equitable access to high-quality, affordable preventive care for all women.

Founded in 2022, AWHP is focused exclusively on women’s preventive health across all life stages and irrespective of any one disease area. We work in partnership with a diverse ensemble of leading women’s health-focused organizations to advocate for equitable, accessible, and affordable preventive care.

Our Mission

Advance policy that drives equitable access and prevents the burden and progression of disease to improve the lives and health of all women and girls.


We envision a health system where preventive care is equitable, accessible, and affordable for all.

The benefits of early detection, screening, and other preventive services cannot be overstated. However, the specific healthcare needs of women are different than those of men — and often go unaddressed. In addition, there remain persistent disparities in women’s preventive healthcare. Extensive healthcare research highlights the urgency for a greater focus on and intentional action to advance women’s preventive health.

women with chronic conditions
believed their symptoms were
ignored or dismissed by a
healthcare provider.

Source: TODAY


of women with chronic pain
report experiencing some form of
gender discrimination from their healthcare providers.

Source: The Commonwealth Fund


Young adult lesbians had
87% lower odds of ever
receiving a Pap test than
heterosexual women.

Source: The Fenway Institute

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