AWHP works collaboratively to advance policy that drives equitable access and prevents the burden and progression of disease to improve the lives and health of all women and girls. As an organization, we engage on key prevention-focused policy issues across four core areas reflecting our commitment to women’s unique needs. These policy priorities are guided by AWHP’s Board of Directors and Advisory Council — a diverse cross section of individuals from the healthcare, health equity, women’s health, health of historically minoritized communities, and policy sectors.

Social and Environmental Factors

Access to Care & Treatment

Detection and Diagnosis

Vaccine Access & Affordability

Addressing Upstream Social and Environmental Factors, by:


  • Advocating for culturally competent care
  • Acknowledging social determinants of health and environmental barriers to care, and providing support for families and caregivers
  • Advancing workplace policies that support preventive health

Advancing Access to Care and Treatment, by:


  • Promoting broad access to routine primary care
  • Advancing meaningful access to specialty care, particularly in public programs
  • Utilizing novel care models, such as telehealth and collaborative care teams, to improve access in medically under-served communities

Promoting Early Detection and Diagnosis, by:


  • Supporting screening guidelines that prioritize improved health outcomes
  • Supporting broad and affordable access to screenings and diagnostics, particularly in public programs
  • Advancing meaningful access to primary and specialty care to administer and counsel based on results of screenings and diagnostics

Advancing Vaccine Access and Affordability, by:


  • Promoting public health guidance that prioritizes access to improved disease protection
  • Supporting broad and affordable access to necessary vaccines, particularly in public programs
  • Ensuring appropriate support for healthcare professionals to administer and counsel patients with respect to their vaccines

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