Women need
access to better preventive care.

Women need access to better preventive care.

Improving the health of all women – across all ages, races, ethnicities, and zip codes – requires change. At AWHP, we believe prevention is critical to the health, quality of life, and longevity for all women. Early and equitable access to screening and diagnosis, vaccines, and other preventive treatments saves lives.


Of women in the U.S.
have not had a check-up
in the past two years
Source: KFF

Of every 100,000 deaths among
women of reproductive age in the
U.S. are avoidable, higher than in
any other high-income country
Source: The Commonwealth Fund


Of women are overdue for
cervical cancer screening
Source: NCI

About Us

The Alliance for Women’s Health and Prevention (AWHP) is a non-profit women’s health advocacy
organization working to ensure that all women and girls have access to high-quality preventive
care. Our mission is to advance policy that drives equitable access and prevents the burden
and progression of disease to improve the lives and health of all women and girls.

Policy Pillars

AWHP is a collaborative effort, working with a diverse ensemble of women’s health-focused
organizations and individuals who share our commitment to improving the health and lives of
all women and girls through policy efforts.


Addressing Upstream
Social and
Environmental Factors


We seek to advance both cultural
humility and culturally competent care,
provide support for families and
caregivers, and promote workplace
preventive health policies.


Advancing Access
to Care And Treatment


We seek to promote access to primary
and specialty care, and advance
innovative care models.

Promoting Early Detection
and Diagnosis

We support screening guidelines that
prioritize improved health outcomes,
seek to advance affordable access to
screenings and diagnostics, and
promote care and counsel based on results.


Advancing Vaccine Access
and Affordability


We promote public health guidance that
prioritizes access to improved disease
protection and support affordable
access to necessary vaccines,
particularly in public programs.

Our Leadership

Our board and advisors are deeply committed to the mission of ensuring that
 all women and girls have access to the tools, resources, and care they need to lessen 
the burden and progression of disease and live stronger, healthier lives.

News & Resources

Reflecting On AWHP’s First Leadership Meeting & The Path Ahead

Press Release

AWHP Statement on USPSTF Final Breast Cancer Screening Guidelines

April 30, 2024

The United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) today released its final breast cancer screening guidelines. AWHP commends, the USPSTF for recommending that women at average risk for breast cancer begin screening at age 40, but is disappointed that the guidelines do not include recommendations for annual screening or for women with dense breasts.

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