A Look Back at 2022: A Historic Beginning

As we approach the end of 2022, the Alliance for Women’s Health and Prevention (AWHP) is thrilled to celebrate its first months as a new nonprofit organization. 

AWHP began this year as little more than a deeply-held, shared value that women and girls deserve better, more equitable, and more affordable access to preventive healthcare — and a vision of a health system that reflects that belief. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to exacerbate access barriers to women’s preventive health services, the need for an organization solely focused on advancing the testing and treatment options for women and girls across the lifespan became abundantly clear. 

Recognizing the fact that there was not an existing nonpartisan, nonprofit organization dedicated both solely to prevention and to women and girls across all life stages and disease areas, in October, AWHP launched as a group committed to advancing policy that drives equitable access and prevents the burden and progression of disease to improve the lives and health of all women and girls. 

A defining principle that distinguishes AWHP from other nonprofit organizations is in its very name – the “Alliance.” Partnership is at the heart of our strategic vision. AWHP’s collaborative nature has opened the door to countless opportunities for strong partnerships with leaders, organizations, and entities alike who are equally committed to improving women’s health outcomes.  

We began with the creation of our phenomenal Board of Directors, which collectively brings decades of experience working in clinical settings, advocacy, nonprofit management, and health equity. We also convened an illustrious Advisory Council, which brings together representatives from organizations such as the Black Women’s Health Imperative, Jewish Women International, the National Grange, and the Gerontological Society of America, among others. This cadre of game-changing women’s health advocates, experts and organizations are uniquely equipped to do the diligent work of closing persistent disparities in women’s preventive healthcare. 

We’ve also cultivated policy pillars that reflect our commitment to not only preventing the progression of disease, but also preempt it altogether. For AWHP, this includes a focus on social and environmental factors that contribute to suboptimal health outcomes, also known as the social determinants of health. We also plan to advocate for policies that expand access to care, making it easier for every woman to receive high-quality, affordable preventive health services, no matter who or where she is. Furthermore, our policy pillars center on early detection and diagnosis, which consistently results in an improved outlook for anyone facing illness. Finally, we plan to promote vaccine access and affordability, which has the power to safely prevent several diseases and to contribute to the health of our broader communities. 

As we near the year’s end, we are filled with excitement about the future and a desire for necessary, impactful change. Achieving our vision of an equitable health system that prioritizes women and their healthcare needs will require tremendous effort, but the power of collaboration around common beliefs knows no bounds. We hope that AWHP will bring hope to women and girls who don’t have the tools, resources and care they need to achieve better health outcomes. 

On behalf of AWHP, thank you to all our partners, supporters, and followers as we begin this exciting next phase. We can’t wait for what’s to come. 

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